review: a big or small wholesaler? Any scam/legit issues? was listed on our watch list one month ago but we still did not see its upgrading until now. We began to wonder if this site is too small or just a scam? Now, let’s look at it to find more details of it.

Is a Scam? legit?

From google information, was a wholesale platform like DHgate, almost the same: You and seller make a deal on the platform, you pay to AliExpress, and the seller ships the good to you, then you confirm then sellers get the money. To some extent, is a platform

When I open the “contact us” page of this site, there was no official contact address and phone No. on its official website, only told me to contract with the supplier directly. It is proven that this site is playing the 3rd part role.

They sell EVERYTHING. While this technically isn’t a scam, it means you’re probably not working with the actual manufacturer, you’re working with a trader which means maybe it is legal but you never get the best price.

Is is a small seller?

There are a great number of products offered by such as cell phones, bags, shoes, wedding apparel and so on. You can nearly find whatever things you want. It sounded that AliExpress had the highest standard for its suppliers, however, we found that some power sellers in DHgate also stepped in this new wholesale market. The trade record in major wholesale marketplace also indicated that was not new to market. Perhaps it is not the biggest seller but not small.

Their products: fake or not?

When you opened, you will find their star products shall be: cell phone, watches, electronic and so on. To be honest, the product had no surprise for me. Also, the product picture is not clear that it is hard for me to recognize. From many reviews, I found that the quality of product here is just so so.

Maybe if you are doing wholesale business but have no manufacturer, can be your consideration, but if you are a shopping customer, I don’t think it’s a good choice for you.

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